All Fuller Laboratories products are warranted to meet catalog specifications. Any products not meeting such specifications and returned, upon approval, to Fuller Laboratories within 30 days of shipment will be replaced with like material or, at Fuller Laboratories' option, the purchase price will be refunded. Replacement or refund will not be made for materials rendered defective due to improper storage, alteration, or storage beyond normal shelf life. Fuller Laboratories guarantees shipments to arrive in proper preserved condition at customer's first receiving point. Products damaged in transit will be replaced at no charge providing:

1. You have notified shipping carrier of damages immediately upon receipt of shipment

2. You have reported damage to Fuller Laboratories by telephone or e-mail within two business days following receipt of damaged shipment. Your report should include: your purchase order number, Fuller Laboratories invoice number, shipping date, and a brief description of damage.

3. Before returned goods can be received an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) must be issued by Fuller Laboratories and this authorization number must accompany any return shipment.



What's New

Upgrade to DyLight 488
We have recently upgraded all of our IFA conjugates from FITC to DyLight 488.
The benefits include increased brightness and photostability. When conjugated to the highest quality affinity-purified antibodies, the result is a brighter and more defined reactivity without the need for special mounting media.



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