Fuller Laboratories’ primary focus is vector-borne diseases for the human and veterinary markets. Our commitment is to offer our customers the highest quality and utility we can imagine. We spend each day trying to improve these assays, as well as the many tools and protocols we’ve created to make the improvements possible. In some cases we’ve spent years developing tools that allow us the ability to produce the cleanest specific antigen in its most native configuration. As these tools become usable in a production setting, the next generation of each product becomes available.

In several cases the serologic diagnosis is best served by screening assays, followed by confirmatory ones that are more specific. Rickettsial diseases remain one of those cases where the detection of antibody is a screening level assay. This is not to say that any single assay can detect all species of the genus Rickettsia, as several assays may actually be required. This remains a major focus of our interest, as this field has been underserved for generations by IFA tests for Rickettsia rickettsii and Rickettsia typhi. We were actually involved in their introduction, but the IFA was never intended as the gold standard. We have imagined the next generation of both screening and confirmatory assays and have developed a large toolbox for development of these assays. We look forward to introducing both our current collection and the next generation assays for your evaluation in the near future.